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Success: - what to do (and not do) to be successful in your job

Performance:  The secrets of Successful Behaviour job success career success Job peformance improvement

How do you improve performance?  It’s all about behaviour. The behaviours that accelerate, sustain or hinder better performance. 
​Performance expert Robin Stuart-Kotze reveals the secrets of behavioural change that have helped successful people, teams and managers around the world to get ahead, and stay ahead. 

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The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Leaders:   ​What makes a good leader?  This book answers this critical question.    
Taking hard facts supported by research, it shows what highly effective leaders actually DO.

It shows that it's about behaviour, not personality; about influence not authority; about how to handle pressure and stress and not let it get on top of you; and about understanding what really motivates people. job success career success Job peformance improvement

If you want to be a leader who makes a difference, you can't afford not to read this book. career success

Who are your BEST people?   Do you know who the best people in your team are? Have you got a clear idea of how much they deliver?
Many companies proclaim ‘Our people are our most important asset’, but in-house talent is often ignored in the belief that the only way to get the top people is to seek elsewhere. Who Are Your Best People? destroys the widely-accepted myth of a talent shortage and shows how you can unearth and value the hidden talent that already exist in your organisation.
This book will open your eyes to the reality of talent management and show you the most effective ways to grow, support and retain the best people for your
​business.  Find out who your best people are - and keep them.

In any job you need to learn which actions will make you successful and which will cause you to fail. You need to know how to spot and avoid the many traps of organizational life. You can start from zero and learn the hard way through experience, or you can read this book and learn the key secrets to success, avoid many of the pitfalls, and get on the fast track.
This book will teach you some critically important skills such as:

  • how to influence people
  • how to handle pressure and stress
  • how to work well with other people
  • how to select jobs that suit you best
  • how to present yourself effectively
  • what motivates you
  • what to avoid doing
  • It will tell you things you can apply immediately to your present job and to the various jobs you move into over the length of your career.