Latest news from BSS:

  • Following Sberbank's order for 25,000 copies of Robin's book Performance, the Secrets of Successful behaviour, he and Kevan Jones (Senior Partner in Oliver Wyman) were invited to talk to Sberbank's senior manager cohort in Moscow - see the video of their presentation by clicking here

  • Other videos now available - using excerpts from a recent teleconference presentation Robin gave:
    • ​​Asking versus Telling - Robin gives his view of Lean projects click here  
    • Leadership versus Authority - Robin talks about recent project (called Lean Forward) in a Canadian hospital
    • More about Lean Forward and the effect in theCanadian hospital

  • Servier Romania places 4 year contract for competency framework analysis:  
    Following an initial survey last year, Servier in Romania has asked BSS to remeasure and map key competencies in specific behavioural terms across their Romanian operation.  This project is being handled by Corporate Dynamics International in Bucharest, and will involve a complicated matrix of specific competencies at different levels across 50 different jobs.  Individual reports showing specific behaviours that load on the competencies and their scores for each person will be produced, enabling accountability at all levels.

  • Royal School of Government in Malaysia completes 2nd senior management review
    Peter Nixon of Potential Network in Hong Kong has recently completed another successful workshop and training session for RSOG - he reports the client really liked the instrument and found it very useful and informative.

  • Chatham-Kent Healthcare in Ontario, Canada completes top level job assessment process:
    As part of their overall strategy of best healthcare service in Canada, CKH recently completed job assessment profiles for their top executive team. Profiles comparing what people are doing, what they think they ought to be doing, and where the boss agrees / disagrees will provide the basis of really focused discussions around driving for best performance.  Already results are impressive, with major improvements across all key areas, and difficult areas identified for more support.  NEW:  Now included are the LEAN implementation project processes, where specific behaviours are being identified to support the roll-out of Lean principles across the organisation.

  • Balfour Beatty continues building on best performance:
    Thanks for Corven (now Oliver Wyman), a leading management consultancy, for their recent work using our instruments with their client Balfour Beatty.  The workshops are still continuing and feedback is that its working really well.  Thanks Kevan and the team from Oliver Wyman!

  • BSS is delighted to welcome LEAN UNLIMITED to our list of accredited consultancies.
    Based in Ireland, Lean Unlimited are very successful practitioners in the LEAN process and they believe that having specific behaviours associated with the process will add considerable value to their customer proposition - what gets measured gets changed! Already several of LEAN UNLIMITED's cllients have been sampling how BSS diagnostics can support the whole LEAN philosophy and process.   
    UPDATE:  Robin recently presented to over 200 delegates at a government sponsored LEAN users conference in Ireland. Lots of interest and enquiries about how BSS can help fix LEAN processes firmly into place!