High Job Performance is achieved when job KBIs (the Key Behaviour Indicators for that specific job) are matched by what the job holder does, as this example below shows - changing from 'now' to 'ideal' is a journey - a process of gradual change.  By describing the specific behaviours required, and measuring / remeasuring these, change can be tracked and focus changed to meet new demands.

​​NOTE:  The gap between job holder actions and job KBIs is wasted energy - either by wasting effort (doing too much of something beyond what is reequired) or wasted potential (doing too little of something that is required). 

Either way - wasted energy is expensive - for the company through lost production, and for the individual through lost achievement.

making lean work in the long term - understanding 'KBIs'

To date, LEAN and Six Sigma interventions have been all about changing organisational processes.  

But in the end, processes are delivered by PEOPLE, so its vital to have their actions - behaviours - aligned and in synch with changes driven by LEAN and Six Sigma.

Use BSS Key Behaviour Indicators (KBIs) to ensure best job performance at all levels.

Click to see videos regarding BSS and Lean in a Canadian Hospital - excerpts from Robin's teleconference presentation about LEAN and BSS: Ask v Tell,Leadership v Authorityand the Lean Forward project.

LEAN has been successfully used by many global organisations, but more and more we are being asked 'what next'.  Whether a company is new to the LEAN / Six Sigma process or if have been using it for years, the same rule applies:  Unless LEAN can be translated into what an individual should be doing differently, in the end, nothing will change.  For long-term change, you need to also change what and how PEOPLE do things.

Of course, describing to someone in clear BEHAVIOUR terms what they are required to do can be difficult, especially with the many different jobs across an organisation.  So at BSS we make it easy by using methodolgies that clearly describe what the Key BEHAVIOUR Indicators (KBIs) are for each job.  People have known about Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for years, but we believe that alongside KPIs sit KBIs - in other words, the actions and behaviours each job holder should be doing to perform their job most effectively.