How can we help YOU?

Getting individuals' behaviours aligned to corporate goals can be tedious and time consuming (360 feedback for a team of 10?).  It can also be highly subjective and prejudiced by the latest interaction. 

BSS diagnostics give quick, accurate and easy to understand reports which show how and where people need to adapt behaviours to meet job objectives.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve corporate performance - our diagnostics can help.

See below for a quick overview of some of our most popular diagnostics. For more information on any please just contact us on

Executive Continuous Performance Improvement (ECPI) -  for senior managers and executives:

For use with senior level executives, most consultants use this where 1:1 feedback and coaching is requested. The ECPI range compares individual performance across Sustaining, Accelerating and Blocking performance with the 'rest of the world' percentiles as well as individual percentage scores. ECPI comprises:

  • ​Individual questionnaire for job holder - produces individual ECPI report
  • Job Assessor questionnaire for someone who knows what they want the job holder to do - produces comparative report with ECPI report so boss and subordinate can discuss job priorities. A great agenda for agreement!
  • Team reports - ECPI individual reports of up to 12 people can be grouped to provide a team overview and group performance profile.

The 'Driver' group of diagnostics - for executives, managers and staff with direct reports:

Executive Results Driver (ERD) has been designed to require little or no 1:1 feedback or intervention, making it ideal for larger groups or workshops.

  • ERD questionnaire - for managers - produces the ERD Action Blueprint, a report which includes a structured approach to behaviour change for tracking performance improvement.
  • ERD Job Assessor questionnaire - same as above where someone who knows the job reviews what they want the jobholder to be doing.  The outcome is a comparison with the ERD Action Blueprint to see where and how the boss and subordinate agree.  The ERD Job Action Blueprint becomes a joint plan for improving performance.
  • Team report analysis for up to 12 ERD individual reports.

Results Driver (RD) is for non-supervisory / staff levels who don't manage other people:

  • RD questionnaire produces the RD Action Blueprint, a personal development plan to change actions and improve job performance
  • The RD Job Assessor questionnaire loads onto the RD Action Blueprint Same as above, only the Results Driver Action Blueprint and behaviours used apply to non-management people
  • Job Assessor questionnaires are available to match what the jobholder is doing with what the boss wants them to do.
  • RD team reports are available (note that some ERD & RD report data cannot be combined as they use different behaviours / actions.)

Our diagnostics can also provide robust data for the following:

Values Driver - put specific, real , measurable behaviours behind your Corporate Values and Goals - measure who is walking the talk, what training is needed and where.

Competencies Driver - use our +450 behaviours to describe required behavioural competencies, then measure performance against those agreed specifics.

Mergers and Acquisitions - measure both sides to see where value is being added, where best match is likely, and where might be expensive to resolve.

Leadership Driver - measure who is leading corporate strategy and how they are doing it.  What leadership is required,and is it being applied?

Recruitment Driver - target recruitment to best suited job candidates - find who will really fit the job and deliver required objectives. Match the job to the applicant and avoid expensive recruitment mistakes.