WE are the only behaviour diagnosticians that can:

  1. Identify the specific actions that individuals and groups take todrive performance and results

  2. Identify the performance gap between current behaviours / actions and Key Behaviours required for top job performance

  3. Identify not only those actions that will Accelerate or Sustain performance, but also the specific actions that Hinder performance

So what's so special about us?

We are special because:

  • We have >40 years of behavioural research and experience working with all types of companies and individuals in all major countries.

  • Our diagnostics have been independently tested for reliability and validity (no-one else can make that claim!)

  • We identify and quantify  >450 specific actions that individuals and groups take to drive performance and results - we don't talk about types or preferences - we talk in facts.

  • We show where actions are accelerating, sustaining or hindering top performance.  BSS is unique in identifying and measuring HINDERING behaviours - the stuff that gets in the way of success

  • We show how and where a different focus is required to ensure success of individuals and groups

  • Jobs change continually. The key to high-level performance is being able to identify current actions and what is needed to achieve optimal results.  Our questionnaires are quick (<25 minutes) and results are available within 48 hours. Quick measure and re-measure enables continual performance improvement.

  • We have many examples of data output applications including competency matching, corporate values, team analysis etc.

    Just contact us on central@behaviouralscience.com to see how we can help you.