McKinsey recently surveyed 52,000 people in 44 companies and their conclusion was that a major factor affecting performance was not understanding the gap between 'what people know they should say and do to behave successfully and what they actually do in the moment'.

BSS data overcomes this gap and enables people to focus on the right changes to improve performance.   We talk in everyday language (there's no physco babble with us!) that everyone can understand.  We don't talk in vague or general 'styles'; we talk in specific behaviours - the things people DO.

In <25 minutes users will know:

  • What do they need to do differently to improve their results?
  • Whether they are actually hindering the achievement of results and wasting energy or potential
  • To what degree are they are acting in a way consistent with the core values of the organisation?
  • Are they adapting their behaviour in response to new opportunitiesmarket forces, competition, or new direction of culture required for organisational success?
  • Are their actions aligned with organisational key objectives?

Corporately, the aggregate data will show the above, plus:

  • What differentiates A-level performers from C-level performers, and how to change C's to A's.
  • The ROI on training investments - have actions changed once back in the workplace? 
  • Are some people and groups in the organisation experiencing levels of stress that impact on performance? If so, where and who are they?
  • To what degree are people demonstrating the required competencies of their jobs?

To provide accurate behavioural information that enables individuals and organizations to make data-based decisions for performance improvement

Founded in 1972,
​our mission is:

Data-based decision making